About Event Routes

If you plan to create a route or guided tour that you would like to support digitally, then Event Routes is a good choice.

We tell your story through our app, while you guide users around nature, in the city or indoors.

Event Routes is a service where you can create an interactive narrative and publish it to your selected audience, with a code. The end user downloads our app and enters the code, and then you're up and running.

You build your story in chapters and you can both create a linear story, but also a slightly more advanced and branching story with different endings. At a minimum, each chapter contains a text and a way forward until you reach the end of the story.

You can choose to lead the user around a route outside or inside or just tell a good story. You can even create a code for each chapter, which the burger has to calculate and thus create your own escape game or escape route.

For each chapter you create, you can associate a video or a sound clip and up to 10 images in a gallery. We've also added a map tool so you can tell users where to go. You can even design each chapter with its own font and background. And you can create a background sound to support the mood you want in each chapter.

Use Event Routes when you want to do a guided tour at the museum, a treasure hunt at the library, a city walk in the local area, a guided route in nature or a fun run for your colleagues or students. You create the story, we provide the technique.